Friday, 5 September 2008


Usually, the first thing that comes to heart of everyone when Delilah is mentioned is seduction, but the Bible never told us that she initiated her relationship with Samson by seduction. do you know that as powerful and busy as Samson was, there was no woman wise enough to keep him at home, save Delilah? The day he met Delilah was the day he stopped visiting harlots, stopped sleeping around, stopped fighting carelessly. Now what is it about Delilah, that made her able to keep the powerful and unchallengeable Samson spell bound on her laps?I think a excursion to the flat of Delilah will sort this out.I do not mean to sing the praise of Delilah, but if you have a husband and you do appreciate having him, please learn from Delilah how she was able to keep Samson from sleeping around. When I asked her, this are few of what she said:

1. Because I loved him, I have to learn every thing to keep him.
2. I found out what he saw in other women, though not from him, so I made myself look like these other ladies to him and him alone.
3. I was never tired of attending to him, so I reserved my strength for his pleasure.
4. I understood that there is boy in every strong man as well as a girl in every woman, so I treated the boy in him like I would do my only child.
5. I never intended to be equal to him, but became his "CAPTIVE" who does only his biddings.
6. I addressed his ego by giving him the kingship treat he would not get any where outside my flat.
7. I made sure that no other flat in the land of Israel and was cool, clean, conducive and comfortable enough for him to retire but mine.
8. A little seduction was not a bad one to keep him.
9. My age became immaterial as I have to retain my posture and figure for his sake through good diet and exercises.
10. Knowing that my Samson was a social man who likes going out, I learn quickly all the attributes of a Sanguine-Melancholy, so as to fit in for him at every outing we made.
11. He needed to be proud of me in all our outings, so I made sure no other lady would beat me in being fashionable and uptodate.

Many more things I did, but I think the above listed will be a good eye opener to you, but we can talk later on this issue.
Remember, all these are bye-products of wisdom no LP (Love Portion), of course you dont even need that.
If you cherish him you will learn to keep him!

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