Thursday, 15 October 2009

When can sex be ungodly even in marriage? Please share your opinions.

Owolabi Hammed
When it becomes d order of d day nd perharps during fasting(dere is a time 2 embrace nd a time 2 refrain ECCL 3)
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Abraham Kayode Awe
Do u think u have the locus standi to contribute to this? I dont think so bro. Lets leave this to the married who have the locus classicus on this subject.
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Abiola Ige
hnmmmmmmm......bro Awe!
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Yinka Oyeniya
wetin u think go dat side bro awe?
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Adebukunola Deborah Adeniyi-obatola
hmmmm pst pls throw more light
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Rufus Dada
sex can be ungodly even in marriage when it is no longer fufilling the pupose why God initiated it, selfish satisifaction, inconsiderate of d other party state and interest.....
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Oluwaseun Stephen Akinwunmi
As far as am concern there is nothing like 'ungodly' with sex in as much is in marriage b'cos sex according to God is for reproduction and also from Paul, is to avoid fornication. In other word, sex is for satisfaction of human libido(1 cor7) what the couple should have is mutual understanding which paul termed as ' with consent for a time' (v5).... Read moreDaddy Abraham, make sure people contribute to this wonderful topic, b4 you conclude, it will go a long way in our life. thank you for all this word of upliftment, more of the annointing.
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Olaode Kafilat Temitayo
U jst said even in marriage,can there be ungodly sex in marriage?i don't think so
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Abraham Kayode Awe
Quite a number of people have shared concerns with me on this subject, I understand that this has been an area where even the church dreads, but since marriage cannot thrive without it, I think its okay for more contributiions please.That we may have a better Christ-built homes.
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Seun Ogunniyi Adato
@ Bro Rufus, your statement to this discussion is very accurate. I think I agree with you totally. When is comes to the rules of sex in marriage. For me I think three things count: 1) Mutual respect for the feelings/mood/state of each other; 2) Undertstanding the timing when temporary denial becomes necessary for spiritual expediency.3) Enjoy the pleasure of it mutually and not become a one sided thing
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Abraham Kayode Awe
Lets return to Adamic age. Who taught them this? If God, are there laid down rudiments & patterns for it? At what point can marital sex loose its spirituality despite mutual consent?
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