Friday, 17 December 2010

Revival in my days.


Are we just going to sit down, fold our hands and watch our generation pass without any historic revival?

The Welsh and Los Angeles revivals of 1904 to 1906 confirmed that Joseph Smale once lived on the earth.

The outpouring on Azuza Street in 1906 to 1915 testifies that the likes of W. J. Seymour once passed through this planet.

The 1930 Oke-Ooye revival testifies to the life and genealogy of Joseph Ayo Babalola and his disciples.

We have also heard about the Obadare crusades (A display of the healing power of God), The Deeper Life crusades, and the other evangelistic move of the 1970s in Nigeria.

What will my generation be remembered for? (I weep)

Who will ignite the pure fire, that will consume religion in our days, who will start the move that will eradicate jamboree Christianity?

Lord, we need our own revival too!


Pastor Abraham Awe said...

To feel like dying is to have given up on this generation.

Start the Fire where you are.

Femi said...

Truly Sir, this revival is needed. There are some revelations which was revealed to some brothers about a revival like this and it is such a honor that God will look down on a small city in Nigeria where this revelation showed. But we must all be ready for this and we all have a role to play, every single true believer of Christ, there is a burden that must fill our heart and this is a purpose to be fulfilled. Pastor Abraham I urge you to continue to labour in prayers for this revival. God bless

Pastor Abraham Awe said...

You are right my brother, the Bible confirms Blessedness on those who will hunger and thirst for it.
May we not be able to recover from the out-burst of our generation's revival.