Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Ire ta su ni Eden

Ire ta su ni Eden
1.         Ire ta su ni Eden
            N’igbeyawo kini
            Ibukun t’a bunkun won
            O wa sibesibe.
2.         Sibe titi di oni
            Ni igbeyawo Kristiani
Ibukun t’a bukun won
Lati sure fun won
3.         Ire ki nwon le ma bi
Ki nwon k’osi ma re
Ki nwon n’idapo mimo
T’enikan k’y’o le tu
4.         Bawa pe, Baba si fa
            Obirin yi f’oko
            Bi o ti fa Efa fun
            Adam l’ojo kini
5.         Ba w ape Emmanuel
            Si so owo won po
            B’eda meji ti papo
            L’ara ijinle Re
6.         Ba wa pe Emi Mimo
            F’ibukun Re fun won
            Si se won ni ase pe
            Gege b’O ti ma nse
7.         Fi won sabe abo Re
            K’ibi, kan ma ba won
            Gba nwon npara ile re
            Ma toju okan won
8.         Pelu won loj’aiye won
            At’oko ataya
            Titi nwon o d’odo Re
            N’ille ayo lorun.

The voice that breath o’ver Eden
1.         The voice that breath o’ver Eden
That earliest wedding day,
            The primal marriage blessing,
It hath not passed away
2.         Still in the pure espousal   
            Of Christian man and maid
            The holy three are with us
            The three fold grace is said.
3.         For dower of blessed children
            For loved faith’s sweet sake
            For high mysterious union
Which nought on earth may break.

4.         Be present heavenly father,   
            To give away his bride
            As Eve thou gav’st to Adam
            Out of his own pieced side.
 5.         Be present, Gracious saviour,
            To join their loving Hands
            As thou dist bind two natures
            In Thine eternal bands.

6.         Be present, Holy spirit,
            To bless them as they kneel,
            As thou for Christ the bridegroom
            The heavenly spouse dost seal.
7.         O spread thy pure wings o’ver them!
            Let no ill power find place,
            When onward through life’s journey
            The hallowed path they trace.

8.         To cast their crown before thee,
            In perfect sacrifice,
            Till to the home of gladness
            With Christ’s own bride they rise.

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