Friday, 30 June 2017

Religion and Intellects

It is read somewhere that out of every 5 Nigerian Christians, 3 are Pastors, 1 is 'sensing' the calling to ministry and the other 1 is seeking for miracles from the first 3.

This is not revival, this is the effect of lack of employment.

If we call it a revival, why then is crime on the increase? Because every historic revival reduced crime in the society since the criminals would have had an encounter with Jesus. So this can't be revival.

The reason why everyone is jumping into ministry in Nigeria should give us concerns. Religion has never developed any nation. So the rising of more religious leaders should not excite us.

In the next 20 years, Nigerians may not have 1 doctor for 50,000 people but will have 50,000 pastors for 1 person. Expatriates will take over our labour market while young Nigerians will be jumping from pulpit to pulpit across Africa looking for who to ask for a prophetic seed in exchange for a miracle.

We need to teach our young people that they can fulfill ministry while coding in a technological laboratory. We need to teach this generation that pursuing ministry should not stop them from pursuing a university degree or trade. We need to 'de-religionize' the mind of the average Nigerian. We need to do this speedily before we get to the point of justifying the conversion of hospitals to cathedrals, factories to prayer camps and colleges to prayer houses. We must teach this generation that God gave us a knee to pray and hands to work, mouth to preach and brain to create - not knee without hands, nor mouth without brains. We must hasten to remind this generation that we can still be apostles and still maintain a professional career. Paul is our witness.

If we get carried away with how our 10 year old is preaching while his Chinese age mate is building a robot, we might end up being re-colonized when Trump's son becomes the POTUS - because his then late father would have advised him to do so.

Let's not forget that the Master charged us to occupy until HE comes. Those who heard Him first hand never asked "occupy what, how, why and where" - can we be that peculiar generation that will ask these questions?

Religion and Religiosity should no longer drain our brain, it should train our brain. The blood of Jesus didn't wash our brains, it washed our sins.

Arise and be productive even if you have God's call.

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