Friday, 28 September 2018

Do Not Die Like A Fool...

Abner was said to have died like a fool dies. David was shocked for such a warrior whose limbs were intact would be killed like that (2 Sam 3:33-34)

Who is a fool, and how do they die?

When you cannot differentiate between a friend and a foe, you are not better than a fool. You can suffer injury in his house. (Zach 13:6)

When you over-trust a reconciled enemy without caution, you may die like Abner in the hand of Joab.

When you think your armory is a fashion statement. When your Bible becomes a mere pillow than a meditation tool, and your tambourine is a musical instrument than a praise weapon. When the Ark of Covenant is to you a good luck charm than God's presence, you may not be better than a looser. (1 Sam 4:2-11)

When you underestimated the power of a subordinate, the knowledge of your students and protégées; and the possibility of rebounds by a defeated opponent, you may be positioned for a shocking defeat.

When you defeat Goliath but failed to decapitate him. Return for the re-kill of that giant lest he rises behind you, and you die like a fool.

When you refused to learn from your experience at the Gaza Motel, you will find yourself repeating same in the valley of Sorek with Delilah, and you may end up a bigger fool.

There's certainly no dignity in defeat. You were created a champ, born a winner, so why die like a fool?

Arise, and fight for your life, because it only takes the living to testify.

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