Monday, 17 September 2018

The Poison Within....

Poison is any substance that harmfully terminates the life of a living thing. It's like a leakage in a tank of water, it takes out the content in a gradual manner till it becomes empty.

Most poisons are usually ingested externally, but some are sadly generated from within, we call then toxins.

Just as toxins can be a by-product of nutritional ingestion, refusing to let go of offensive interrelationships can also create psychological toxins. This category of mental poison is also as harmful and debilitating as any other poisonous consumption.

Has anyone willingly or unconsciously offended your emotion? Have you been disappointed or mentally abused? Have you been beaten, battered, or had your personality demeaned? Was your self worth at some points in the past whittled by the conduct of a friend or partner? Have you expressed emotional desires to someone in your past but got a cold shoulder? Ruminating on these anomalies, and relating by them gradually creates a mental toxin in your psyche.

Once these toxins are formed, you begin to exhibit antisocial behaviors. You begin to expand the unknown zone of your Johari Window. Your level of misbehaviour gets noticeable, embarrassing your total personality and people around you.

Remedy, is to disentangle from the past; forgive the faults, forget the loss, and move into a better future. Remember, that your attachment to the past is the major reason why you have refused to go farther than you are today.

Get wisdom!


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